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CEMEX opens registration for annual Works Awards

Santo Domingo.- CEMEX on Thursday announced the opening of registration for the 11th annual international CEMEX Works Awards, which recognizes the best local buildings completed during 2013 and 2014 and represent effective conceptual, technical and aesthetic solutions.

Those interested in competing for the Award can submit their projects at www.cemexdominicana.com, by create a user, register the work to receive a folio number indicating that the project was successfully registered.

Three top categories will be elected: Social Interest Housing, Industrial-Commercial-Institutional, and Infrastructure.

Participating works will also opt for a special mention if they meet certain requirements cataloged as Green Building and have Accessibility Congruency or elements that allow easy movement of disabled people.

To qualify entries must respond in their realization to the main attributes listed in the contest, and execution of the work, use and application of concrete, architectural design, innovative proposal to use concrete, urban concept, structural design and respect for the environment.

Projects will be evaluated by an independent jury of prominent construction professionals, and representatives from several educational and cultural institutions across the country.

As is tradition, local winners are invited to Mexico to participate in the Prize international edition, where they’ll compete with buildings constructed in countries on four continents. They’ll also be included in a CEMEX book published and released globally.

During its 10 years CEMEX Dominican Republic Works Awards has evaluated over 300 projects, 33 of which have competed in the international phase. Three Dominican works have been awarded, winning over structures in countries such as Germany, Egypt and the United States.

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