Local February 19, 2015 | 8:56 am

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Trial in bizarre case in hired killers and drug traffickers starts today

San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. – The trial in the case of the murdered contract killer Juan Felix Cordero Febles "Copelin" starts in San Cristobal province Appellate Court today Thursday.

The case figures among the country’s most bizarre underworld murders, which authorities say resulted from a brawl pitting hired killers and drug traffickers which left four dead, including Cordero, suspected of executing more than 50 people.

The National Police apprehended Colombian national Henry Jhotanny Gallego Cardenas “El Paisa," Solomon Yami Eusebio Agosto "Piquito," Miguel Ramón Saviñón Toribio and Police Lt . Col. Johan Liariano, fired last year and released after spending more than six months at Najayo prison.

Among those executed in the cane fields of Yaguate township figure Edgar Rafael Rijo Astacio "Maestrico," Police Sgt. Manuel Sepulveda and the driver Juan A. de los Santos Rodriguez.

An elite National Police team will reportedly provide protection in the courthouse, where all visitors will be registered before entering the courtroom.

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