Local March 4, 2015 | 7:34 am

Dominican lawmakers tackle sticky Political Parties Law

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday passed the bill on the controversial Political Parties Law in a first roll call, but failed to reach consensus to approve it in a second reading.

Although the proposed legislation has wide support from the private sector and civil society, some opposition leaders say if passed, the Law is tailor-made for the ruling PLD party.

Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martinez, who had requested a five-minute break when the piece failed to pass, accepted a request by PLD party deputies spokesman Ruben Maldonado to vote again tomorrow Thursday.

The bill was approved 93 to 63 in the first roll call, but didn’t reach the two-thirds of the votes needed for the second.

The lawmakers approved Martínez’s proposal for the text to read: "It’s forbidden to use properties and public funds belonging to any level or state authority for a candidate’s own benefit, except for the contributions noted in this law."

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