Local April 4, 2015 | 11:57 am

Opposition leader highlights importance of Dominicans living abroad

New York.– Former president and Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) candidate said in the Bronx, New York, there are possibilities and alternatives for implementing solutions to the problems the country is facing and Dominican nationals abroad are essential to achieve these purposes.

Mejia highlighted the contribution of Dominicans living in New York to the economy of the island, and praised their contribution to the Dominican economy as well as their support to their families.

The former head of state called Dominicans living overseas to fulfill their obligations and reminded them of the need to continue contributing their quota to national development.

He also blamed former Dominican president Leonel Fernandez of the ills afflicting the country and accused him of destroying the Dominican political institutions through the destruction of political parties and trying to destroy others with handouts, blackmail and bribery.

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