Local April 10, 2015 | 7:41 am

Impunity protests rock Dominican Republic’s biggest cities(Update)

New York.- In what’s considered the second largest Dominican city, dozens of people held a vigil against corruption and impunity in their country, at Upper Manhattan’s Juan Pablo Duarte square in New York City.

With candles, chants, pickets, t-shirts and flyers, the protesters gathered before 6pm on 170th St. between Broadway and St. Nicholas.

They also slammed president Danilo Medina, calling him an "accomplice" of corruption and impunity.

FILE. Santo Domingo.- Hundreds of people from various political and civil society organizations staged protests in Dominican Republic’s three biggest cities Thursday against impunity, to demand that Supreme Court justices resign and against the acquittals of a senator and a mayor on charges of embezzlement.

In San Francisco de Macoris (northwest) students from various schools torched tires and blocked traffic on some of the busy streets to protest the acquittal of mayor Felix Rodriguez.

Dozens of people marched on several streets and avenues, waving posters and pickets with photos of senator Felix Bautista and Rodriguez.

In Santiago meanwhile protesters with banners that read "Justice hijacked by impunity," "We want justice, not mockery", "Zero tolerance," "Corrupt to jail," among others.

Police stopped the groups from entering the local courthouse, where they staged a picket in front of the building, chanting against corruption and impunity.

Similar protests were staged outside the Supreme Court building in Santo Domingo by hundreds of opposition activists and civil organizations.

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