Local May 13, 2015 | 8:11 am

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Country’s ‘worst drought’ in 20 years; water levels critical: EFE

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic faces its worst drought in the last 20 years on low rainfall since 2014, while the water current reserves are considered critical, EFE reports.

Santo Domingo Technology Institute (ITEC) water resources expert Martin Melendez said the country went through a similar situation in 1997 and, as then, from the lack of rain attributed to the climatic phenomenon El Niño.

He called the situation in the north "very critical" to the point that if it doesn’t rain in June, "we will not have water to supply the Cibao (north region)" said Melendez, based on reports of low levels at the Tavera-Bao dams.

He said the dams’ total water levels are currently at 314 meters, when "the minimum allowable is 320" and calculating a drop of 10 centimeters per day, if continues, “we will be dry in around 30 days.”

Melendez said the reservoirs at Jarabacoa (central) are in a similar situation, "at the bottom," adding that the country’s water crisis requires one month of downpours.

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