Local June 5, 2015 | 8:42 am

Dominican Catholic Church slams powerful official’s nephew

Santo Domingo.- "The route which Dominican society treads with impunity and violation of the legal order leads the Dominican Republic to "a fictitious state” not far from materializing the expression "every man for himself" in the nation ‘s current situation of chaos.

The statement is in the latest edition of Dominican Catholic Church’s newspaper Camino, which in this week’s editorial cites the case of Eduardo Villamán Fadul, nephew of Interior and Police minister violently confronted two traffic cops.

Camino calls Villamán’s actions an "ugly and depressing" spectacle in Santiago, an episode it says was known thanks to the social networks. "The country could see, through social networks, this scene full of arrogance, abuse of authority and violence. We cannot continue on this road.”

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