Local June 11, 2015 | 11:51 am

Once respected lawmaker now faces corruption probe

Santo Domingo.- During Energy and Mines minister Pelegrin Castillo’s tenure 29 advisers figured on the payroll paid a total RD$4.7 million per month and RD$1.7 million for just three of them, according to current official Antonio Isa.

Mines would’ve spent RD$37.5 million to pay the high number of consultants just for the May-December period.

According to outlet diariolibre.com.do, the agency’s monthly payroll for 368 workers (15 permanent, 3 with special contracts, 261 with regularized contracts and 60 with non-regularized contracts) was RD $26.0 million, including "a total of RD$3.04 million in back pay for staff with non-regulated contracts in April.”

Castillo, a previously respected Deputy, resigned on April 24 when his party (FNP) squabbled with the ruling party for the latter’s decision to promote president Danilo Medina’s reelection.

Castillo was replaced by Antonio Isa Conde, who cut back the number of employees to 298 –70 fewer- and the payroll to RD$21.0 million in May.

"It’s unacceptable that one year after it started its operation (in April 2014) the Ministry presents an irrationality in terms of contracting people," Isa Conde said in a statement.

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