Local June 16, 2015 | 8:29 am

Opposition party leader foregoes bid, pacts with Medina

Santo Domingo.- The president of Dominican Republic’s biggest opposition party (PRD) on Monday announced he’ll forego his presidential bid and back president Danilo Medina, in exchange for the materialization of a national agenda.

Miguel Vargas said in view of a dispersed political opposition he accepted Medina’s proposal to forge a National Unity Government to, and aware that the current electoral scenario makes a PRD victory difficult to achieve.

In a televised speech Vargas said he postponed his presidential bid to put “the Dominican people’s interests above any particular interest or personal appetite, however attractive it may be."

Pact with Medina

Vargas said the deal with Medina is based on a national project to transform, modernize and enact public policies to promote social inclusion for all Dominicans.

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