Local June 17, 2015 | 11:57 am

Opposition leader’s cross-island train pledge draws sharp rebuke

Puerto Plata.- The speech to the nation Monday night by the president of Dominican Republic’s biggest opposition party (PRD) has been the target of sharp criticism in the northern province, over an alleged pact with the government to build a railroad from Haina (south) to the Atlantic coast.

Miguel Vargas’ address has stoked both praise and skepticism from the people in Puerto Plata, including the label of a "bombastic" claim to justify his pact with the ruling PLD party.

As to Vargas’ pledge for the cross-island railroad system including a passenger train as part of the country’s modernization, many Puerto Plata citizens called it an attempt "to justify his political clumsiness” in striking an agreement that includes the PRD’s support for president Danilo Medina’s second run for office.

Quoted by enlnuevodiairo.com.do, moto-taxi driver Manuel Almonte, visibly angry said "Vargas has no moral standing to speak of modernization, since being Minister of Public Works didn’t build one gutter in Puerto Plata, so that hot air that a passenger train will be built from Haina to Puerto Plata shouldn’t be expected either."

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