Local June 26, 2015 | 8:53 am

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Deputies question Education Ministry contracts, demand probe

Santo Domingo.- Chamber of Deputies Education Commission president Josefa Castillo on Thursday said the Education Ministry awarded contracts for the school breakfast and lunch and repairs program to lawmakers and associates, in exchange for the vote to pave the way for president Danilo Medina’s reelection bid.

Several deputies, teachers’ union leaders and lawyers of the opposition PRM party delivered documents demanding compliance with the Access to Public Information Act in a press conference outside the Education Ministry, whose head is ruling PLD party leader Carlos Amarante.

Among the data demanded by Castillo and other PRM leaders figure copies of all contracts on the school breakfast and lunch program between Education and suppliers during the last three years.

According to outlet espaillat.diariodom.com, officials of the city of Moca had recently used a motorcade of at least 17 Education Ministry vehicles to promote Medina’s reelection push, and denounced “the use of millions of pesos from the ministries the organizers represented,” citing a complaint by the movement Los Peregrinos (pilgrims).

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