Local July 22, 2015 | 4:00 pm

TV host in US$100.0+ credit card fraud not charged despite evidence

Santo Domingo.- A case of 26 “cloned” credit cards seized during a search of an apartment question the National Police and the Justice Ministry for failing to charge TV personality Ibelka Ulerio, because six of the cards are in her name.

National District Permanent Attention judge Jose Alejandro Vargas on Wednesday sent Ulerio’s husband Luis Gabriel Viloria to three months of pretrial detention, charged with heading the identity-theft ring which allegedly defrauded several banks out of more than US$100.0 million.

the prosecution however had yet to charge Ulerio as of late Tuesday, one day after the Police said she had no connection with the fraud thus far.

According to the Justice Ministry however, of the 26 credit cards seized in the couple’s home; six are in her name five under Viloria, whereas the remaining 14 are under the names of other people.

The police also seized documents relating to credit card cloning and stealing information from ATMs, checks, weapons and deposit receipts in the name of Ulerio and her partner.

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