Local July 22, 2015 | 8:02 am

With Hispaniola gaffe, OAS secretary general ‘bought a problem’

Santo Domingo.- Despite attempts by Organization of American States (OAS) secretary general Luis Almagro to explain away his assertion that there’s only one country on Hispaniola, one of his own prominent Uruguayan compatriots called it an "outrageous gaffe."

As reported by EFE Uruguay former president Luis Alberto Lacalle criticized Almagro’s statements on the Haiti- Dominican Republic immigration row. He said he’s surprised at Almagro, "an intelligent man and who’s supposedly at a certain height."

Last week Almagro said Hispaniola "is one island. Generally when it’s an island it’s only one country,” but in the same statement did note that there are “two countries with very different social realities, with very different economic realities, with very different political realities."

Lacalle added that "it’s a terribly complicated issue" and with his statement, Almagro "has bought a problem."

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