Local August 5, 2015 | 9:20 am

DELTA INTUR absolutely meets all its commitments to the bondholders with the last payment agreed

On this day, Delta Intur Corporation, S.A. perform thefinal payment agreed with Bondholders Mass Public Offering of Corporate BondsSIVEM-044 and it has fulfilled all its commitments to bondholders, who in turnhave given these charges.

However, we want to state that Delta Intur failed tomeet its commitments in its day, the impossibility of its assets into cash withwhich to face the maturity of the bonds issued for a dramatic lack of occurrenceliquidity by international crisis and Spain in particular, affecting full toits parent. This made him miss its payment schedule, as he had done.

The balance of the bond issue was made possible thanksto the efforts made by the Spanish parent Delta Intur, relying once again onthe country and its authorities. Significantly, this process without havingconcluded that execution or consent to its subsidiary, Delta Intur, any of itsassets which, once released from the mortgage bonds, plans to develop newinvestments in the development and construction of homes, thus contributing tonational development.

Representatives of the mass of Bondholders, theirlawyers, and representatives of Delta Intur publicly acknowledge the assistancereceived from the authorities of the Superintendencia de Valores (SIV) and theCentral Bank of the Dominican Republic (CBDR) throughout negotiation anddispute resolution.

This, all agree, Delta Intur, the representatives ofthe bondholders and their lawyers communicate to Dominican society in generalfor its timely knowledge.

Santo Domingo, July 21, 2015

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