Local August 6, 2015 | 9:16 am

No rain in sight as ´dramatic´ drought scrambles the government

Santo Domingo.- Thegovernment´s water management agencies (Observatory) on Wednesday warned farmersand citizens to rationalize water as other nations have done to deal with historicallylow levels in reservoirs as the result of the “dramatic” drought

Canals and damsagency (INDRHI) director Olgo Fernandez, who heads the Observatory, said allsectors of society must join the effort to fight the extreme nationwide drought.

He said Jigüey andValdesia dams which supply the aqueducts of Santo Domingo, San Cristóbal andBaní operate under critical conditions, which has forced the authorities to furtherrationalize water for irrigation.


The NationalWeather Office meanwhile forecasts continuing high temperatures with low chanceof precipitation through Saturday.

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