Local August 20, 2015 | 11:15 am

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Dominicans march in Miami rail against Haiti´s ´slander´ campaign

Miami.- A group of activists, organizations,professionals, families and residents in Miami and other Sunshine State cities ledby the Dominican Coalition of Florida (CODOMFLA) on Thursday marched to protestthe “campaign slander and lies” by Haiti´s government and a group oforganizations orchestrated against the Dominican people.

Heading the march "Walkingfor my country” were community activists of Dominican origin Magalys Mella,Joaquín Liriano, Madé Isidro, Carlos Sanchez, Yunis Segura, Isidro Barros, RosaCampillo, Delfin Valdez, Soraya Invernizzi, Amada Vargas and José Mañaná.

They stated theirrebuke against Haiti´s government and international organizations which have soughtto slander the Dominican people as slavers, racists, and creator of statelesspersons.

"Were outragedas Dominicans, we demand respect for our country, because we are known for being hospitable, caring,peaceful people, and with solidarity, not only with the Haitian people but everyonewho comes to our country," Mella said.

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