Local August 31, 2015 | 9:31 am

Police search for parents who abandoned baby

SantoDomingo.- The Police is trying to establish the identity of the parents of athree-month old baby girl who was found alone in an apartment in Villa Mella onSaturday.

The baby was rescued by the National 911 Emergency Response and SecuritySystem, which informed that “a three month old baby girl was abandoned by herparents in the community of Punta in Villa Mella”.

According to a communiqué, 911 medical staff examined the baby and saidshe was in good health. She was taken to a National Children and Adolescents’Council (Conani) center in ensanche La Fe, where she will be cared for untilthe situation is resolved.

Local residents in the community of Punta who called the 911 emergency line afterhearing the baby crying, say they neither know who her parents are, nor theidentity of the owner of the property where she was found.

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