Local September 2, 2015 | 12:11 pm

Opposition party unease grows on demands to reveal pact

Santo Domingo.- Uneasegrows within the opposition PRD party -now an ally of the ruling PLD- as seniorleaders want its president Miguel Vargas to reveal the reach and scope of the pactwith president Danilo Medina for next year´s elections.

PRD vice president AndrésHenríquez and deputies Virgilio Gonzalez and Radhames Meran said separately thatVargas needs to clarify everything about to the agreement on elected posts withthe PLD and Medina.

Meran, mayoral candidatefor Santo Domingo North, called communication essential within a party and thatthe PRD cannot give away mayoral posts won in 2010 because the PLD wants to fieldone of its own candidates. "For me,polls have to be conducted to prove to me that I´m not in first place because Iam. If that happens, I´ll give up my seat and support who´s head in the preference."

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