Local September 23, 2015 | 8:55 am

Dominican Rum Cluster aims to fight bogus booze and tobacco

Santo Domingo.- Agroup of business leaders supported by several government agencies and the DominicanRepublic Industries Association (AIRD) on Tuesday launched the Dominican Rum Cluster,and decried the illicit practices in the manufacture and distribution ofalcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

AIRD president Camposde Moya said to help increase domestic and foreign markets and project, promoteand defend Dominican rum are the Cluster´s main objectives.

In that regard Presidencyminister Gustavo Montalvo said 113,459 liters of liquors and 48.4 millioncigarettes from illegal sources have been seized and destroyed in the country sinceJune 2014. "We must work together to combat the illicit trade that createsserious harm to these industries and the whole country."

The official said suchcrimes evade taxes, harm society and consumers because of a lack of quality ofthose products and retailers, because the distribution of such products carriesthe risk of drastically hurting reputable manufacturers with unfair competition.

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