Local September 25, 2015 | 3:31 pm

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Top brass says operation ´seals´ Dominican-Haiti border

Santo Domingo.- ArmedForces minister Maximo Muñoz Delgado affirmed Friday that the border isprotected and the armed forces are ready for any operation to ensure its security.

Hw asked Dominicansociety to rest assured because "the border is sealed" and noted that"Operation Shield" launched since his designation to the post isstill in effect.

Muñoz spoke to reportersat the Defense Ministry after the presentation of diplomas to Dominicanofficials trained by Colombian pars to combat drug trafficking.

He said the trainedofficers will become multipliers by returning to their respective units toteach what they were taught.

"We´re in aprocess with the cooperation of all regional armed forces, this is our greatachievement and a great achievement to be able to combine armies or armed forcesof the United States and Colombia which come here to train our members; this isof great benefit for us, because we are only facilitators," the official said.

Colombian and Americaninstructors train the Armed Forces and the National Police to deal with newthreats which in Muñoz´s view threaten the peace and security of the Dominicanpeople.

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