Local October 1, 2015 | 11:56 am

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Delivery of legalized foreigners´ IDs coming to an end

Santo Domingo.- The deliveryof IDs to foreigners who qualified for the government program to regularize foreignersis coming to an end, for which the aliens who’ve yet to retrieve them should goto the offices where they applied, the Interior and Police Ministry announcedThursday.

It said the foreignersshould retrieve their ID card or have their passport stamped, to update theirimmigrant status. “The regularization staff which operates in 25 offices inmajor provincial governors´ offices works from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.”

The agency said the processto issue the documents is nearly concluded, and advised foreigners that an IDor stamped passport is the only evidence that they have become a legalimmigrant.

In a statementInterior and Police said over 200,00 foreigners applied for regularization andwere granted legal status from one to two years.

“Delivery is donepersonally in the offices where the foreigners applied for regularization andthe list is published on the Ministry Website www.mip.gob.do and is alsoavailable at the National Regularization Plan offices so that all thoseinterested can access it.”

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