Local October 6, 2015 | 8:32 am

Suicide uncovers widespread graft at notorious agency

Santo Domingo.- Thealleged bagman in the State Works Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE) on Mondaysaid the money provided to contractors to conclude construction of schools camefrom the beleaguered agency´s technical director, Jose Florencio.

Jose Rafael AlejoPerez made the affirmation in an interview at the Office of the Anticorruption Prosecutor(Pepca), when asked why he was known as the "bagman."

"I had nobriefcase, the briefcase was carried by Alejandro de los Santos, and he had toldme "just give it to engineer so-and-so to complete the work."

De los Santos headed OISOE´sSchool Buildings Dept., whose contractor David Rodriguez took his own life twoweeks ago reportedly tormented by mounting debt.

Alejo Perez said the moneywas sometimes handed out at the schools or at OISOE headquarters, in presence ofde los Santos´ and the engineer in charge of the work. "These payments weresometimes made in cash or checks."

He said when they wentto a province de los Santos met with Florencio, and if he had the money he wouldhand it over right there or called one of the loan agencies, which gave cash orchecks to the former .

When asked what delos Santos did with the money he gave to Florencio, Alejo said: "They gaveit to the engineers on loan to finish the work, which was withdrawn from a lineof credit."

He said he didn’t takepart in the meetings between Florencio and de los Santos, because "I wasan underling there," adding that de los Santos, OISOE technical director, wasalso Florencio´s boss.

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