Local October 8, 2015 | 8:26 am

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Best country to visit, worst to die in: Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- FromColumbus to Pope John Paul, the Dominican Republic is one of the best countriesto visit, just don’t die there.

In a ranking of 80countries Dominican Republic has the fifth worst conditions in which to die …andleads all of the Americas in the unwelcomed category, followed closely byGuatemala.

The EconomistIntelligence Unit (EIU) established the ranking Quality of Death Index, basedon the care which states provide for terminally ill people.

Among the countriesthat offer the best conditions to die figure the UK and Chile in LatinAmerica´s case, both of which have enacted a strong and effective policy forpalliative care of terminal diseases.

Those countries havehigh levels of public spending on health care and allocate the most for those services.

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