Local October 22, 2015 | 11:02 am

Chief justice says he trusts his colleagues, after stunning ruling

Santo Domingo.- SupremeCourt chief justice Mariano German on Thursday said he doesn’t meddle in judges´rulings to ensure Dominican Republic ´s independent judiciary.

"It´s not that Iagree with the ruling, is that I respect it; one thing is to agree and anotheris respect. My obligation is to respect it," German said when asked aboutthe high court ruling for senator Felix Bautista.

When asked about Justiceminister Francisco Dominguez´s criticism of the ruling, German said respect theof the prosecutor’s statement.

"Those are thestatements of the prosecutor, I do trust my judges; if he doesn’t trust themthat’s his problem. Justice is there to be managed by prudent men," saidGerman, interviewed in Congress, invited by the Chamber of Deputies JusticeCommission.

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