Local October 29, 2015 | 9:26 am

Public Health urges fight on dengue, after months of foot-dragging

Santo Domingo.-Volunteers and employees of numerous government agencies prepare to join anationwide push to eliminate the breeding sites of the mosquito which transmitsdengue this weekend, while the disease is suspected in the death of a 15 year-oldteen in Santiago yesterday, as patients continue to visit clinics for treatmentwith many cases requiring hospitalization.

Some 18 patientsincluding 10 children were admitted to the main military hospital with dengue symptomsThursday, according to its deputy chief medical officer Enrique Jimenez.

Meanwhile the capital´sthree biggest pediatric hospitals maintain a high percentage of suspected casesunder observation, some with as many as 50 patients.

In response to the Government´scall to join the fight against dengue the various agencies have begun toorganize their employees for the effort, after months of foot-dragging by thePublic Health Ministry.

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