Local November 5, 2015 | 8:06 am

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Dominican Republic anticorruption protests relentless

Santo Domingo.- For thefifth time in as many weeks rowd barriers on Wednesday kept protesters summoned by the grassroots movement PoderCiudadano (citizen power) reaching around the headquarters of the OISOE, thegovernment agency mired in corruption scandals.

Dozens of riot police blockedall the streets around the National Palace, including the one where the OISOE officesare located.

The police action violatesfor the third time a Supreme Administrative Court ruling handed down October21, which allowed the protest at OISOE headquarters.

Before the policeblockade the demonstrators gathered in the stretch of Dr. Delgado St. wherethey formed a human chain, chanting "Unity and action against corruption,"as police watched.

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