Local November 10, 2015 | 3:30 pm

Radical priest slams Dominican Govt. on impunity, corruption

Santo Domingo.-Catholicpriest Rogelio Cruz on Tuesday officiated a mass against "impunity andcorruption" in front of the Justice Ministry and Supreme Court building,where dozens of people staged a vigil.

"We cannotcontinue with the mockery where if you steal a chicken to eat they put you inprison but if someone robs all the money in the world and in complicity, youkill citizens, and for that Justice doesn’t work," Cruz said, noting that theneed for equal justice is "a thorn in one´s side."

The radical priestasked why Justice doesn’t work in the embezzlement cases of senator FelixBautista´s and former Public Works minister Victor Diaz Rua, and the State WorksSupervisory Engineers Office (OISOE). "The authorities had better knowthat we are not afraid, because if we are here is because we´re notafraid."

Murder of councilman

He also railed againstthe release of the main suspect in the murder of the councilman from Bayaguana,Monte Plata province, Renato de Jesus Castillo.

The victim’s wife RaysaJulieta Acosta accused the town´s mayor Nelson Osvaldo Sosa, charged withhiring the hit men. “He (Sosa) walks in the eyes of the community as if nothinghappened.”

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