Local November 12, 2015 | 2:20 pm

Ending weeks of speculation, former president to resume politicking

Santo Domingo.- Endingweeks of speculation on his absence from the political arena, former presidentLeonel Fernandez on Thursday said he´ll return to his ruling PLD party´spolitical activities once the campaign officially opens.

Electoral Law 275-97stipulates that the proclamation to open an electoral should be "no laterthan 90 days before the date" in which the polls are to be held.

Fernandez said it´s nothis function to swear in candidacies, but "President candidate" DaniloMedina instead.

"That when am Igoing to participate? When the campaign opens. It´s not for me, it´s up to thePresident candidate (to swear in) … That’s his space and if he´s alreadydoing it, I don’t have to. I’ll be there, where they call me," he said .

Fernandez´s statementcame after delivering a speech at the 33rd Plenary Meeting of thePermanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean(COPPAL).


Fernandez´s absence in ralliesto swear in PLD candidates, headed by Medina, had fueled speculation of achilled relation between the two leaders.

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