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French judge keeps ´air cocaine´ pilots in jail(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Anappeals court in the French city of Aix-en-Provence (south) on Thursday ruled tomaintain Pascal Fauret and Bruno Odos in custody, The two pilots were convicted to 20years in prison for drug trafficking in Dominican Republic.

The Court´s InstructionChamber said there´s a risk of a another"fraudulent agreement" for the two pilots to escape, who´ve alreadyfled the Caribbean country, and revealed that some of the suspect are still atlarge.

After fleeing DominicanRepublic and returning home, the pilots appealed their provisional incarcerationon November 4.

File.- Frenchambassador Jose Gomez revealed Wednesday that his country´s authorities investigatethe fugitive French pilots Jean Pascal Fauret and Bruno Odos, in addition to ArmandOdos, on three trafficking cases aside from the 700 kilos of drugs for whichthey were sentenced to 20 years in Dominican Republic, dubbed ´air cocaine.´

He said among thosecases figures one that took place in December 2012, when the pilots allegedly smuggleda load of cocaine from Puerto Plata into the French town of Saint-Tropez, but didn’tspecify an amount.

The other operation inwhich both face prosecution was between those cities in 2013, and the other in anotherEuropean city.

The diplomat, quoted byeldia.com.do, said the network of which Armand and Victor Odos allegedly formedpart was headed by Ali Bouchareb (Darian or Dayan), and one Maurice, who fled theDominican Republic. Both have been declared fugitives by France.

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