Local November 30, 2015 | 12:43 pm

Immigration says tougher controls at border aim to halt reentry

Santo Domingo.- Immigrationdirector Ruben Paulino on Sunday announced tougher controls to halt illegal immigrationat border crossings, a measure he says aims to prevent the reentry of Haitiansand other foreigners who’ve already been deported for residing in the DominicanRepublic illegally.

He said Immigrationstaff who work at the border has been increased and trained, in addition to theuse of modern technology to detect forged documents such as passports and fakeIDs.

Paulino, speaking aftera recognition at Dominican Army Headquarters, stressed that the weekly repatriationof undocumented aliens are carried out with respect for human rights withoutany abuse.

He said the number ofHaitians who’ve been deported in the last three months will be officially announced,as well as from other nationalities who entered illegally and will berepatriated in the coming days.

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