Local December 4, 2015 | 8:50 am

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Erika Rodriguez wins Dominican Tourism Press´ top prize

Santo Domingo.- El Diajournalist Erika Rodriguez Thursday night won the National Epifanio Lantigua TourismJournalism Award´s Grand Prize, bestowed by the Dominican Tourism Press Associationeach year.

Rodriguez won the awardwith the five-part series "Pedernales, a potential paradise” and whichlaid bare the tourism reality of the impoverished area of ??the deep South,rich in natural resources but mired in an abyss from a lack vision, capital andconflicts of interest.

Among the winners also figureElena Crespo, RT Magazine, in the category ‘Maritime Tourism; Misael Rincon,CNN, in photography; Indhira Navarro, Univision TV in Reportage; Eric Diaz of Telesistemain TV documentary; Cristina Rosario, Bohío magazine, in Sustainable Tourism andIvonne Soriano, of Listin Diario, in web journalism.

Salvador Batista,Fausto Adames and the morning TV show Hoy received an honorable mention for theircontributions to the tourism industry during the last few years.

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