Local December 14, 2015 | 11:28 am

CEMEX Dominicana, Botanical Garden agree to restore foliage

Santo Domingo.- Cementmaker CEMEX Dominicana will collaborate with the National Botanical Garden toreproduce and plant native and endemic varieties in the company´s east region quarries,in that manner helping each other to protect the environment and natural resources.

Through the agreement, CEMEXwill gather seeds of endemic and endangered plant varieties in its quarries andtake them to the National Botanic Garden for proper germination and reproduction.

The Botanical Gardenwill handle the native and endemic plant seeds supplied by CEMEX, which will thenbe used to reforest and replant the quarries located in the towns San Jose,Quisqueya and Los Llanos in San Pedro and in San Cristobal province (south).

CEMEX Dominicana presidentCarlos E. Gonzalez and National Botanical Garden director Ricardo G. Garciasigned the cooperation agreement.

"At CEMEX we´recommitted to being responsible stewards of our natural resources and conductour operations in a sustainable manner. Therefore, we constantly work on soilrecovery and the conservation of ecosystems within our sphere of influence inthe hands of specialized institutions in the area, such as the National BotanicalGarden,” Gonzalez said.

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