Local June 23, 2015 | 7:47 am

Dominican Republic calls NYC Mayor ‘intolerant, hypocrite’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican ambassador in Washington on Monday called New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s call to boycott Dominican Republic’s tourism an "act of intolerant political hypocrisy."

In a letter to de Blasio Jose Tomas Perez’s states: "We have never heard a word from him of encouragement to the cause of the people (Haiti), and we believe that his call to promote a boycott of Dominican tourism not only represents a wanton tort against a friendly nation and against Dominicans who voted for you to become mayor of New York, but also an act of political intolerance and hypocrisy."

The diplomat said de Blasio knows the historical relations between Dominican Republic and Haiti well, ensuring that no nation has done more for the Haitians that the Dominican people.

Perez reminded New York City’s mayor that the Dominican Republic has just recognized the legal immigrant status of over 340,000 Haitians, together with those who work in the tourism, agricultural and construction sectors. "Just like in the US the Dominican Republic is obliged to regulate the transit of illegal aliens into its territory. The reorganization plan was the first step to achieving that goal."

The diplomat said his country cannot bear alone the burden of poverty of a "struggling and working" people such as the Haitians, adding that Dominican Republic has often reached out to the international community to come and assist Haiti, but has yet to receive a satisfactory response.

"I would’ve liked to read in his statement, instead of a call to boycott tourism in the Dominican Republic, a proposed plan or call for the international community to go and assist Haiti.”

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