Local January 9, 2016 | 11:47 am

Anti-dengue operation in Barahona

Barahona.- The Ministry of Public Works andCommunications (MOPC) reports the completion of the third phase of its CivicCampaign that consisted of fumigating 8,025 households against dengue and otherdiseases, and delivering 245,000 gallons of drinking water

They also provided medical and dental treatmentfor 8,041 people and delivered thousands of first aid kits, bleach bottles andmosquito nets to each of the homes that were visited by doctors, technical personnel and soldiers from the ministry’s Military and Police Commission.

The Commission’s PR officer Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete said that ministerGonzalo Castillo had launched the first phase in October of last year and thatthe health measures were being implemented in Primary Health Care Units (UNAP),schools and churches.

The water distribution and fumigationwas carried out in homes, streets, alleys and gullies in the targetneighborhoods that included Villa Central, Casandra Damirón, Savica,Palmarito, Enriquillo, La Montañita, Los Solares, Cañada de Camboya, LosBarrancones, Cañada de Popey, Los Guandules, Pueblo Nuevo and Baitoita.

He said that Army General EstanislaoGonell Regalado, director of the Militaty and Police Commission, had liaised with the Ministry of Public Health, the National Drinking Water Institute (INAPA),the National Hydraulic Resources Institute (INDRHI) and the provincial governor’soffice in Barahona to ensure the success of the operations.

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