Local January 11, 2016 | 12:03 pm

Laser forces emergency landing of flight with 120 aboard

Santo Domingo.- One orseveral individuals on Saturday trained a laser beam on a flight from New York with120 people aboard and impaired the pilot´s visibility, forcing an emergencylanding in Las Americas Airport.

Outlet diariolibre.com reports that law enforcement investigatesseveral suspects in the case of pointing lasers at aircraft landing at LasAmericas at night.

According toauthorities, air traffic controllers had to assist the pilot of the JetBlue flightto land on an alternate runway, since he couldn’t maneuver to the main one.

The controllers issued areport after hearing the complaints of the JetBlue pilots and others who faced difficultiesto land on Saturday night.

The Dominican CivilAviation Institute (IDAC) filed a complaint at La Caleta police station, where itemerged that investigators suspect that a family living in a house located underthe runway´s path allegedly pointed the lasers.

Police said the personor persons responsible will be arrested in the coming hours.

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