Local January 14, 2016 | 2:41 pm

Dominican Republic’s political opposition dealt a major blow

Santo Domingo.-Dominican Republic’s political opposition on Thursday suffered a major setback,when 24 senior leaders of the conservative PRSC party announced their endorsementfor president Danilo Medina´s reelection bid, noting that they didn’t fear expulsionfrom that political organization.

They said they´re preparingan electoral platform to work for Medina´s reelection.

Of the 24 leaders, 23form part of the PRSC´s Presidential Board and one of its Executive Committee.

In a press conference, groupspokesman Joaquin Ricardo read the letter signed by Luis Bogaert, RafaelaAlburquerque, Marino Collante and Miguel Bogaert, Alexandra Izquierdo, ModestoGuzman, César Dargam, Rafael Bello Andino, Anibal Paez and Johnny Jones, amongother senior leaders.

Their letter says Medinahas been able to implement a style of governing, “which has served to rescue theDominican people´s confidence.”

Opposition pact

The announcement weakensthe political opposition bloc headed by the PRM party, which had forged a shakyalliance with the once powerful PRSC, which had government the country for 22years.

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