Local January 18, 2016 | 9:26 am

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Presidential candidate slams Medina on femicides

Santo Domingo.- Alliancefor Democracy presidential candidate Minou Tavarez Mirabal on Sunday expressed outrageover the seven femicides since the start of the new year, murders she affirmsreveal an "absolute lack of response from the authorities."

"Dominican societyis alarmed at the escalation of violence and insecurity in the country andparticularly the violence that Dominican women suffer in different ways,” shesaid, calling femicide a “human drama on which the family and society cannot continueunder the inaction and indifference of the authorities.”

“In addition to theloss in human life, a femicide upsets and unbalances the entire family, withtragic consequences for children who are orphaned, the irreparable pain of thefamilies of victims and the negative impact on communities," Tavarez said.

She said it´simperative that the authorities act to stop femicides and that president DaniloMedina has failed Dominican women after his promise to implement effective policies to prevent and punishviolence against women, “especially because in this area his administration alsopromotes impunity,” she said.

"It´s shamefulthat more than 70,000 complaints of violence against women are received in thecountry every year, but just 5% of the cases are prosecuted, with only 18specialized units, only 3 shelters and no permanent, nationwide preventioncampaigns."

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