Local February 10, 2016 | 1:41 pm

Appeal vowed as embattled judges release accused in major drug case

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s embattled judges on Wednesdayagain handed down a ruling sure to rile public opinion, and which the prosecutionvowed to appeal.

The penal chamber of the San Cristobal panel court ruled torelease Colombian brothers Huber Oswaldo Buitrago and Angel Maria Buitrago andDominican Dersilia Ambalina Ortiz, indicted on charges of operating a drug lab ina farm at the town Cabeza de Toro, southern San Cristobal.

Anti-Money Laundering Office prosecutor German Miranda saidhe will also appeal the 15 and 10 year prison sentences against John JairoRoldán Estrada and Angel Fernando Vargas Gómez, codefendants in the same case

"The San Cristobal Office of the Prosecutor expects theCourt of San Cristobal to accept the appeal and sets a hearing to hear what isbased on," the official said.

Miranda said the panel court could very well hand down itsown ruling or otherwise order a new trial.

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