Local February 16, 2016 | 7:55 am

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Deaths feared as gas plant explodes in Dominican Republic barrio (Update2)

Santo Domingo.- (Update2) The Fire Dept. believes there’s at least oneperson trapped beneath the debris of a 3-story building which collapsed fromthe blast.

The ensuing fire has left at least 40 people hurt,some with life-threating injuries and a swath of destroyed homes andbusinesses.

FILE. At least three people are missing and feared dead after a propane gas station exploded some time after 5am Tues., with several houses destroyed thus far, local media report.

The blast near Colombia Av., of the Los Rios sector of SantoDomingo also sent at least six people to a nearby hospital with varying degreesof burns.

Aaccordingto local TV CDN, first responders are on the scene to put out the blaze and search for victims.

Prelimiary reports so far say among the fatal victims figure a girlaged 12, a 17 year old boy and a man as yet identified.

The Fire Dept. says at least 40 people havebeen injured in the blast at the propane station, Sol Gas, while a tanker truck was offloading the fuel.

Fire Dept. chief Oscar Guillermo Garcia said the fire wasunder control.

More information as available…

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