Local February 17, 2016 | 8:22 am

Dominican labor leaders vilify the Govt. but endorse Medina

Santo Domingo.- Union leaders Rafael –Pepe- Abreu and JacoboRamos on Tuesday made a surprise announcement endorsing president Danilo Medina’sreelection bid, despite vilifying the government’s alleged lack of support inlabor’s fight for a salary increase during his more than three years in office.

The labor leaders announced the National Workers Front withDanilo (FTD), an “organized expression that enable us to participate in thenext electoral contest, exercising our right as citizens.”

"We have chosen as our candidate Danilo MedinaSanchez, who for the high value that has been his current term of office,deserves a second chance," Abreu said.

He said Medina’s achievements in education, construction,transportation, job creation and support for agricultural development, amongothers, make him worthy of support on the part of the labor movement.

Ramos said labor seeks the further deepening of programsthat will benefit Dominican Republic’s poor and working class.

"We understand that in this new opportunity we mustcontinue to develop the country’s progress, and that’s the reason why unionleaders present in the press conference today are saying to president DaniloMedina, you can count on us," Ramos said.

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