Local February 24, 2016 | 9:26 am

Brazilian adviser adds to government corruption: Opposition candidate

Santiago.- Major opposition party (PRM) presidentialcandidate Luis Abinader on Tuesday said the arrest of Brazilian politicalmarketer Joao Santana, who was the top adviser to president Danilo Medina’selection bid, forms part of the mounting number of the government’s corruption casesand scandals.

"We expect, and that’s what the president of theRepublic most needs, to be transparent in this case," Abinader said in agathering of the Santiago business leaders and industrialists (ACIS).

He asked the Government to reveal all of Santana’s links togovernment agencies, in addition to the campaigns.

Brazil newspaper O Globo said Santana is being held in thecity of Curitiba, where he arrived on a plane escorted by Federal Police.

The political adviser is charged with money laundering inthe Lava Jato (gusher laundering) scandal, and announced his resignation from Medina’scampaign on Monday.

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