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Corruption a nagging issue for Medina’s reelection bid: Poll

Santo Domingo.- Although president Danilo Medina faresstrong on many issues, corruption is potentially nagging for his reelection bid,according to a Greenberg-Diario Libre poll released Tuesday.

37% of Dominicans says corruption is one of their main concerns,while 81 percent affirm it has worsened.

The survey also found that Dominicans doubt the President’sability to deal with that growing concern. “A majority of 55% disapprove ofwhat Medina is doing against corruption and the percentage which is confident thathe can do a better job that fighting corruption is 47 percent, 8 points lessthan his vote.”

It said 20 percent of voters think the President is corrupt,compared with the 12% who say opposition PRM party candidate Luis Abinader iscorrupt.

The outlet notes however that the survey was conducted beforethe arrest of Brazilian political guru Joao Santana, “which may have had animpact on the perception over Medina.”


"It’s difficult to speculate on the impact of the Santanacase," said Greenberg Quinlan Rosner vice president Jessica Reiss, who headedthe survey.

"But if something can undermine support for Medina andshake this campaign it can be this. In our next survey we will see how manyvoters have heard about the case, its impact and whether voters, especiallythose who support Medina, believe that the President is involved," Reisssaid, quoted by diariolibre.com.


Brazilian authorities on Monday froze 31.1 millionreais (US$7.7 million) in accounts of Joao Santana and his wife, the former a campaignadviser to president Dilma Rousseff, the target of a probe into alleged bribesin the Petrobras corruption scandal.

Outlet Globo G1 reports that the Central Bank blocked 2.7billion reais in accounts of Santana and 28 million of his wife Monica Moura,arrested last week. Another 400,000 were frozen in an account of a company ownedby Santana.

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