Local March 1, 2016 | 7:39 am

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Frenchman in ‘air cocaine’ escape faces charges in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- French national Christophe Naudin, whose extraditionto the Dominican Republic was announced by Egypt on Monday, faces charges of humantrafficking, conspiracy and other crimes in connection with the escape of two compatriotpilots sentenced to serve 20 years in prison for drug trafficking in thecountry.

Naudin, an aviation security expert, "assembled"the escape of Bruno Odos and Jean Pascal Fauret, who at the time of his escape wereunder house arrest in the case French media dubbed “air cocoaine.”

For their escape Naudin and other collaborators used a boatto reach Saint Martin, then Martinique and from then flew to France, according tolocal media.

His implication in the escape however wasn’t the result ofan extensive investigation, but self-incrimination instead. "I knew allthe details of the operation.”

The four scenarios (escape) were developed to avoidbetrayal and at the last moment I chose the least risky and most viable," Naudintold French media days after the case was uncovered in October 2015.

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