Local March 3, 2016 | 4:10 pm

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Dominican Republic officials push back Washington’s gay push

Santo Domingo.- Deputy and National District senate candidateVinicio Castillo on Thursday asked the Central Electoral Board to order a haltto the US International Development’s (USAID) announced funding of candidateswho support the LGBT agenda.

The minority FNP party lawmaker made request citing a violationof the Constitution, which stipulates that all government agencies must avert interventionin Dominican Republic’s internal affairs, and Article 55 of the Electoral Law,which forbids foreign governments from financing an electoral campaign forparties or candidates.

"Never at any time in Dominican Republic’s history hasa foreign government or agency announced funding of candidates; this is unprecedentedand a shameful affront to the Dominican Republic and its electoral process,which violates all international system of respect for the principle ofnonintervention and self-determination of states," Castillo said in a statement.

Electoral Board

Just hours after Castillo’s statement, Electoral Board presidentRoberto Rosario warned that the JCE won’t allow foreign organizations or governmentsto fund candidates to elected posts, as announced by the USAID/

"In this regard, and to answer your question, I recallthat Article 47 of Electoral Law 275-97 defines the sources of income ofparties and candidates to contest a process, which stipulates thatcontributions, direct or indirect, from foreign governments, to support partiesand/or campaign finance, is unlawful," Rosario told reporters.

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