Local March 7, 2016 | 8:01 am

Dominican Republic leader again taps VP as running mate

Santo Domingo.- In recognition of her ability, efficiencyand responsibility of State, president and presidential candidate of DominicanRepublic’s ruling PLD party on Sunday again tapped Margarita Cedeno as hisrunning mate for the May 15 elections, and also announced zero tolerance ofviolence against woman.

Danilo Medina made the announcement during a rally wherethousands of women celebrated International Women’s Day next Tuesday.

He asked citizens’ trust the government actions to improvepublic safety.

Speaking in the Olympic Center, Medina’s announcement drewa standing ovation, and said Cedeño has done an excellent job, noting that hercareer is an example of how women have opened spaces.

"The name of Margarita Cedeño has become synonymouswith results and work for those most in need in our country, with dedicationand ability to walk towards economic and social wellbeing. It’s an example ofinspiration and pride for our land to have you, Margarita Cedeño as a partner.Therefore, for all this and more, I want to pay a tribute today to Dominicanwomen, I want to announce that Margarita will accompany me on the ballot thisMay 15," Medina said.

He said looking at Margarita, the Dominican people see in heran efficient and capable woman of high responsibilities of state. "When theylook at you, thousands of girls and young Dominicans see what they can achieve inany goal they so choose."

He stressed that Dominican Republic’s population is morethan 50% women, “and in fact, in my family they represent 80%."

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