Local March 8, 2016 | 8:27 am

March to the Palace marks International Women’s Day

Santo Domingo.- More than 70 women’s rights organizations marchto the National Palace Tuesday to present, on International Women’s Day, the majorissues they have to deal with.

There are also several activities slated for the morning,afternoon and evening, all related to the celebrations to honor women.

The march will start from Independence Park at 10am andconclude in the Palace, where they’ll deliver a document with their demands.

Women and Health Collective executive director SergiaGalvan said the grievances range from labor, political, health, social and rightsissues to migrant women workers, the disabled and lesbians.

"A document will be delivered to the President of theRepublic (Danilo Medina); he had already been advised more than a month ago andwe expect him to be there at the door waiting for us," the feminist said.

Galvan made the announcement during the release of the latestAmnesty International (AI) report which claims the lives of millions of women inLatin America are at the mercy of a "lottery-type" support fromhealth systems which it affirms places stereotypes and religious doctrine over apatient’s life.

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