Local March 18, 2016 | 8:20 am

Minority party alliance gathers steam in biggest jurisdiction

Santo Domingo.- The alliance of minority parties “CoalitionMinou 2016” on Thursday registered business leader Victor Castro as its Senate candidate,and 36 for the Chamber of Deputies, in the country’s most populated jurisdiction,Santo Domingo Province.

During the presentation to the press, Coalition presidentialcandidate Minou Tavarez Mirabal stressed the seriousness, and the social andethical commitment of the candidates for the May 15 elections.

Castro pledged to push for important legislativeinitiatives and establish Congressional oversight of passed laws.

"One of our priorities will be to work with the lawsthat have been approved, and prevent what happened with legislation such as Law42-08, which creates the National Competition Protection Commission (Procompetencia),which despite being passed eight years ago, senators such as Charlie Mariottihinder it," Castro said in reference to his rival of the ruling PLD party.

Castro also said that since the Senate will push thediscussion and adoption of laws "that we in Santo Domingo Province deserveand will work in that direction, with the men and women who have joined us onthis ballot and give citizens the opportunity to choose candidates with differentprofiles and proposals."

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