Local April 1, 2016 | 11:17 am

Forum seeks strategies to boost Dominican Republic’s vibrant tourism

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Euro-Chamber ofCommerce, with the European Union Delegation’s support will host on the"Dominican Republic: Tourist Multi-destination Attraction" forum on April6, to bring together country’s key tourism sector representatives to discussfuture strategies.

The forum aims to analyze Dominican tourism’s currentsituation, its business and social realities, and join efforts to project acommon strategy to bolster bilateral ties between the Dominican Republic andthe European Union in that area.

Euro-chamber president Hans Witsenboer said tourism isstill one of the Dominican economy key engines and the importance to accelerateits growth and competitiveness by strengthening the tourism offer for visitors,and continue to develop the sector and prepare for new markets, such as China.

He said among the forum topics figure the restructuring oftourism to diversify and adjust to seasonal demand, promote innovation and useof ICT within the sector and maximize the promotion of Dominican Republic’s variousoptions, including gastronomy, eco-tourism, medical tourism, conferences,sports, cultural, religion, cruise ships, “and of course, our extensivekilometers of white sand and crystalline beaches and to position the DominicanRepublic as our region’s hub.”

The event will bring together key government officials,business leaders and international cooperation agencies to the event that willtake place at the JW Marriott Hotel in the capital.

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