Local April 6, 2016 | 4:05 pm

Dominican Republic asks Panama’s help to nab tax cheats, money launderers

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic government on Wednesdayrequested Panama’s cooperation in the Panama Papers case to determine possible taxevasion or money laundering.

Justice minister Francisco Dominguez and Anticorruptionprosecutor Laura Guerrero made the request to Panama Attorney General KenyaPorcell, To determine whether Dominican citizens held special accountS to dogetaxes, launder money or any other type of illicit business.

He said the request was communicated in compliance with Inter-Americanand UN agreements against corruption and organized transnational crime.

Dominguez said they intend to obtain information on the investigationinto the massive leak of around 11.5 million documents from Panamanian law firmMossack Fonseca’s database.

He said the scandal has exposed a pattern of tax evasion strategies,illicit businesses and money laundering which could be used by Dominicancompanies, their shareholders, professionals from various areas, includingindividuals of Dominican nationality.

“It has been established that by creating numerous offshorecompanies allowed them to conceal the true identity of the beneficiary, apossible illicit enrichment and shares in money laundering, to evade paying taxesin the Dominican Republic, among other felonies.

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