Local April 14, 2016 | 4:11 pm

Experts predict 2 ‘very strong’ hurricanes for Atlantic season: Efe

Denver.- The Atlantic basin’s hurricaneseason in, which officially begins June 1, will have "averageactivity" with twelve tropical storms and five experts hurricanes, two ofthem highly destructive, Colorado State University (CSU) forecast today, Efereports

On the CSU’s annual forecast, projectmanager and researcher Philip J. Klotzbach said this year’s hurricanes formationswill be affected by a weakened El Niño and low temperatures in the NorthAtlantic.

"We anticipate an averageprobability of major hurricanes making landfall on the US coast and in theCaribbean," Klotzbach said yo present the report during the NationalConference on Tropical Climate in South Padre Island, Texas.

There is, he said, a 50% chancethat a hurricane will affect the Atlantic coast and 30% the one will reachFlorida or the Gulf of Mexico. That probability for the Caribbean is 40%.

Klotzbach and his team predict, basedon a studies of compiing 29 years of historical data on hurricanes- 12 tropicalstorms, which together will be active for 50 days after being formed. Theseinclude five hurricanes, two of them “very strong.”

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